Ruth Fisher

BE (Chemical Engineering) (Hons)/BSc (Biological Sciences) USYD,  ME (Water, Wastewater and Waste management) UNSW

PhD Candidate in Environmental Engineering

Contact Details

Office Location: Valentine annex (H22), Level 1, Rm 133

Research Area

Ruth Fishers' PhD focuses on identifying mechanisms responsible for odour generation throughout biosolids processing, focusing on operational parameters.  A framework will be developed to assess the potential impact (nuisance) of the emisisons, which will allow optimisation of biosolids processing  with other environmental impacts, through sustainability assessment (LCA).

Ruth is undertaking her research with supervision from Prof. Richard Stuetz and Stephen Moore and is co-supervised by Dr. Juan Pablo Alvarez Gaitan

Professional Experience

  • 2011-2013 Research Officer -  CSIRO (Material Science and Engineering), VIC

Selected Publications


Fisher, R. Hoang, M. 'Industrial Emission Control Technologies:Lifecycle analysis and opportunities' 2012 Chemeca, Wellington, NZ, 23-26 September