Guangwu Chen

ME (Environmental Engineering) Tianjin University.


PhD Candidate in Environmental Engineering

Contact Details

Office Location:
Valentine annex (H22), Level 1, Rm 133

Research Area

My main research question is how to achieve sustainable human development. I recently have an interest in applications of Environmentally Extended Input-Output (EEIO) analysis for the quantification of the environmental, economic and social impacts. My current research topic is: City-scale Carbon Footprint accounting and decarbonisation policy analysis.

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I am a member of the Sustainability Assessment Program (SAP) team, supervised by A/ Prof. Tommy Wiedmann and Prof. Richard Stuetz, and co-supervised by Dr. Michalis Hadjikakou

Selected Publications

JOURNALS on low-carbon urban system

Chen, G.; Wiedmann, T.; Wang, Y.; Hadjikakou, M. 2016.Transnational city carbon footprint networks–Exploring carbon links between Australian and Chinese cities. Applied Energy.

Chen G, Wiedmann T, Hadjikakou M, Rowley H. 2016. City Carbon Footprint Networks. Energies. 2016;9:602.

Chen, G.,Hadjikakou,M.,Wiedmann, T.O., 2016.Urban carbon transformations: unravelling spatial and inter-sectoral linkages for key city industries based on multi-region input-output analysis.Journal of Cleaner Production.

Wiedmann, T.O., Chen, G., Barrett, J., 2015. The Concept of City Carbon Maps: A Case Study of Melbourne, Australia. Journal of Industrial Ecology.

Rômulo Neves Ely · Diana Carneiro · Guangwu Chen · Thomas Wiedmann, 2015, Carbon Footprinting the Gold Coast city consumption of goods and built environment products (Conference Paper).

Deng N., Zhang Q., Chen G.W., Qi C.Q., Zhang Y.F., Ma H.T., 2015. Optimal scenario balance of reduction in costs and greenhouse gas emissions for municipal solid waste management. Journal of Central South University. Vol 22, Issue 3, pp 887-894.    

Deng N., Chen G.W., Zhang Y.F., Ma H.T.,2013. Municipal greenhouse gases inventory and analysis: a case of Tianjin.Journal of Tianjin University,vol.46,no.7,pp.365-640.


Deng N*., Chen G.W., ZhangY.,2014. Solid waste or biomass high-efficiency pyrolysis oil-producing system. (PATENT ID: CN 102719265B)