Health & Safety Consultation Statement

School Commitment

The School is committed, as detailed in the School Safety Protocals, to protect the health and safety of all staff, students, visitors and contractors. The School shall consult staff and students in implementing safety practices and systems within the workplace. Inspections and training, combined with a wide range of communication methods, ensure that all staff and students are informed of their responsibilities.

Consultative Arrangement

The School will consult with staff and students on HS issues as they arise. Consultation is conducted through the School Workplace Safety Committee and any representatives or ex-officio members on that committee. Minutes of the meetings are posted on the HS noticeboard (located in the Ground Level foyer of the Civil Engineering Building) and on the School's safety website, CivilSafe. Staff and students are encouraged to raise matters with any member of the Committee or directly to the School management.


The School L3 HS Consultation Committee shall be constituted under the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, Chapter 2 - Representation and participation. It is comprised of members elected from the workplace and/or members nominated from high risk areas such as laboratories. The elected and nominated employees shall be representative of all workgroups within the School. Representatives shall be elected from undergraduate and postgraduate student bodies. Management may appoint representatives on the condition that employer-nominated represenatatives do not outnumber employee representatives.


The Chairperson shall be elected by and from the employee representatives. The Chairperson shall have a term of two years and is eligble for re-election.


The Secretary shall be elected by and from the employee representatives. The Secretary may act as Deputy Chairperson when required.


The Committee will review all HS policies and practices and the consultative arrangements in the workplace. This process of review will ensure that all safety issues are being addressed and that consultative arrangements are effective.